Are landlords required to paint between tenants?

Check your State Residential Landlord Tenant Act
Landlord-tenant laws vary from state to state. For example, according to Ohio Legal Services, landlords in that state are not required to repaint rental units between tenants. According to California state law, however, landlords are responsible for paint touch-up, if such repairs are necessary, but can deduct the cost from the renter's security deposit.

Specify Repainting in Contract
If a tenant deems it necessary, repainting can be added to the rental agreement. Templates for rental agreements can be found on websites such as and used as a jumping off point for communication between tenant and landlord.

Bottom Line
Landlords are not generally required to repaint between tenants; laws vary from state to state, however. In particular cases, though, such services can be requested and tailored to fit the needs of the new tenant.

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