How do I file a lawsuit for a wrongful eviction?

Hire an Attorney
Call an attorney as soon as you find out your landlord is planning to evict you. Of all the avenues you have open to you, this one is the easiest to follow. If your landlord has broken the law in how he is trying to evict you, the court could require him to pay your attorney's fees if he loses.

He'll also be required to pay all court costs if the judge decides that you get to stay in your apartment, according to the Oh My Apartment website.

Contact Housing and Urban Development Office
Go to your local Housing and Urban Development office. This federal agency forbids landlord discrimination against tenants based on national origin, familial status and religion as well as other categories, according to the Oh My Apartment website.

The local housing authority will give you forms to fill out so you can file a claim for wrongful eviction and they will investigate your claim.

Go to Small Claims Court
Go to small claims court and file a lawsuit against your landlord. You don't need an attorney for this, although you can consult with one to make sure of your rights.

You should also notify your local housing authority that you're taking this step.

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