M5 Lead Machine: What is the property listing website that Cody recommends?

Yes, our system is different from his. He spent a lot of money and time on creating a great 
site to list properties. We spent countless hours, energy and a lot of money developing a system
that creates websites, squeeze pages, web forms, etc with a complete marketing system that can
collect and store your leads and communicate with them on autopilot.

We did just recently add the option to add a listing page to your website in the M5.
It doesn't look exactly like freedomsoft, but it does do the job well. We added it after Cody
had made that training video.

You can check that out by going to site builder > manage sites and then edit one of the existing
websites that we created for you.
Then go to pages and then Add new page on the top right of that section > then property listing.
You can list as many as you would like and upload pics and details.

Property listing
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