M5 Lead Machine: What does the M5 system include?

The M5 system consists of 5 primary systems that all work together as one.  

1) The M5 Lead Machine
2) The M5 Text and Voice Machine
3) The M5 Email Machine

Your Lead Machine is the core component of your M5 Marketing System.  It is the system that you will login to in order to access both your Text/Voice and Email marketing.  The way that M5 works is that the leads come in through the Lead Machine and then get sent to both your Email and Text Machines to be stored.  The Lead Machine also notifies you via both text message and email if you wish so you can respond to your lead by phone as well.

The Text and Email Machines then go to work on following up with your lead.  Both of these marketing systems utilize what is called “autonontifiers” that communicate with your prospect without you having to do any work.  The Text Machine even includes our special “2-Way” relationship building which allows a conversation to go back and forth via text message as if you were responding to your client's answers to automated questions.

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